Every skier should understand how ski boots may be modified to allow natural balance and stance.

With correctly set boots everyone is skiing on the same ‘level playing field’ and can move towards their full potential. Without this adjustment only a lucky few will ever reach it.

This website attempts to explain this vital adjustment (which is called ‘canting’), and shows you how to modify your own boots.

Ski Boot Alignment

Adjust your ski boots
  ski with power and balance

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Many explanations of ‘canting’ overly complicate a simple problem of geometry.
The centre of the knee joint should be directly above the centre of the ski when it is flat on the snow.
If it is not, the skier will be forced to ski in an awkward and weak stance, usually with feet apart and knees together. This is not how people normally stand, walk, run, or jump.
It happens because the cuff of the ski boot is set at the wrong angle to match the shape of the skier’s lower leg.
To compensate for this the skier will be forced to adopt an unnatural stance in order to control their skis.
This will happen regardless of age, gender, or athletic ability. Not everyone has the physical or mental gifts to become a great champion, but almost every skier will make better progress on properly adjusted boots.
This is neither magic nor snake-oil. It is engineering. It can be measured, demonstrated, and corrected.
This website has no commercial purpose. It is simpy intended to offer advice. Happy skiing.      

1 - Peter's Explanation

By Peter White

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This website is dedicated to the challenges and the rewards of skiing. I hope to introduce everyone in the sport, coaches, instructors, and particularly skiers themselves to a single simple aspect that is too often overlooked. The way the ski boots align to your lower legs will either handicap you or liberate your skiing and allow you to progress.